How to contact official DoubleDown Casino

A Reminder:

Code Share Online is a fans site, If you have a game related problem or issues or you want to give feedback to DoubleDown Casino, you will need to use the support system, or you can contact them directly. But before you submit your concern you can search it by using the search bar. There are four ways to address your concern on double down casino support.

First visit here: their official support sites. If you are a first-time comer, you might need to connect your Facebook account to get in. Just head over to the upper right corner, and you will see the sign-in button and window pop-up will come out and click, Sign-in on Facebook and then your good to go and then you can now start to submit a request.

Second, if you are already in the Facebook Application Desktop only you will see a “Need Help” Button Link right below part of the screen you can click it, and a new pop-up window will come out, and now you can start to submit your request.

Third, if you are in a mobile application you can follow the steps
Click the “Settings” link upper right icon and Click the “Help” icon, and a pop-up will load the submit a contact or support page you can now start with filling out each section required and then Submit your ticket.

Fourth, if you are an email enthusiast, you can contact them directly at A reminder that emailing them will take you longer to get a response.

How to submit a request, Just click the “Submit A Request” Link in the upper right corner beside the Sign-in button and you will be redirected to the selection of the types of your issue. Make sure that you provide the real email address that you use to join at the Double Down Casino Game. You can now choose between Technical Issue followed by purchased issue and then submit a feedback or Issue with the promotions and the last part is about Emails.

Once you already have submitted your ticket to their contact support, you will receive a “Contact Created” an email confirmation from DoubleDown Casino Support sent to you using the email address you use to log into the game. This email will include your contact information and the message letting you know their goal is to respond back to you within 12-24 hours. They will also provide a direct link to the ticket where you submitted, and you can now check the status of it. When DoubleDown Casino Support gives a reply, you will then receive another email from Support which will include the outcome of their response to the Ticket you submitted.