How to Join and Claim DoubleDownCasino Codes for Partner Sites.

Double Down Casino Codes for partner site are only claimable on their official link. Just For example, if Big M Casino provides a promo code you only visit their link and paste the code in the text box because if you stick it on the official double down casino application, it will not work as standard doubledown casino codes. Now Copy the Partner Sites Link Every time you claim your free promo codes, If you are a new user they will ask you about your self, Click the Facebook Connect Button to start, and a pop-up will display and begin to fill up the requirements example image below. Ex: Name, Gender, Email, Zip Code, Note you must put a valid info. After that, you automatically redirected to the doubledown casino game (not the official link), and now this time you can now use partner sites promo codes. To use the promo codes just click Buy Chip Button in the upper right corner and a window will pop-up you just paste the code into the text box and hit the apply button. You can now use another Partner site by doing the same thing. Here’s the list of Double Down Casino Partner Site: Big M Casino, Grand Casino, Harrington Casino, Golden Eagle Casino. Take Note Partner Site are only available on the desktop and not working on mobile devices.

DoubleDown Casino loves their player they make a club called “DoubleDown Diamond Club” A loyalty program that rewards you for playing or buying a chip. It consists of six tiers White, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Red, and Black the more you play, the higher tier you will get. Every color has its reward.White Club 250,000 – Yellow Club 500,000 – Pink Club 1,000,000 – Blue Club 3,000,000 – Red Club 10,000,000 – Black Club 25,000,000 How to Join the Diamond Club? Just Click the diamond icon beside your picture and popup will go out, and you simply enter your email twice and verify it through email and its done.