What Happen to our Facebook Page

What really happen on our Facebook Page Way Back 2017

February 3 2017

Today when I logged into Facebook I was greeted with a notice that informed me that Code Share had been removed for “Intellectual Property Violations” via a complaint from IGT.  (IGT is the parent company of Doubledown Interactive)

At this point I have no Idea what the outcome will be but I will continue to post codes on this website.  To the best of my knowledge IGT are unable to remove this site without a “cease and desist”  order being issued, and at this stage I have not received one.

The Facebook page was an important part of communication for new codes and players finding help when things were not working

Another site has appeared and replaced my Page – be careful it could be a scammer, you should read our double down casino safety and guide

May 15
WOW what a week, boy did the tech boys and girls screw things up. All types of problems to annoy the punters, most seem to be fixed for me but there seems to be a few bugs left affecting some people. Lets hope they have are fixed soon.

After missing the daily spins yesterday (they just never showed up) today my daily spins + return bonus + friends bonus + 3 gift spins added up to less that 400k, you really wonder if anyone at DoubleDown ever plays the games they push. 400k would have been OK when I first started playing , then you could play Classic Slots for an hour or more on 400k. Game by game they put the minimum play up and up and up. I think its time for them to get rid of any of the under 200k amounts on both the wheels and give us a fair chance of play.

If you have shot after shot of losing, why would you buy extra credit. The games are only for entertainment yet if you play Ellen @12,000 (Minimum) a pop and buy credit, that’s 12 cents a click. for that amount I can go play a real game and save money and with any luck come home with a profit. – what would you rather do.

I must admit that when I do go to play the real slots, I now avoid the IGT games as I have learnt how badly they play.

April 4
People are not happy that the games have been removed .  I was wondering what game people want the most, so I set up a poll (on the left).
March 29
Alas, the list of games below have gone, some will be missed .
March 21

On March 28, 2016, some of our favorite Double down slots will be retired from the casino:

  • Classic Slots
  • Classic Slots II
  • European Vacation
  • Fairy Garden
  • Flamin’ Cherries
  • Fortune Carnival
  • Horoscope
  • Lords and Ladies
  • Lounge Loot
  • Mayan Gold
  • Miner 99’r
  • Pharaoh’s Tomb
  • Tasty Treats

When games are retired, are they gone forever?

Not necessarily. Some games may return in the future in a new-and-improved form. At this time, they can’t say for certain which of these titles will return or when, so take advantage of the remaining days in which to play your favorites. Feel free to let Doubledown know which games you will miss most, as they always take player feedback into consideration (lol) when planning for the future.
March 20

The links for iOS have all been changed and should now be working  – you can find the links on Facebook by clicking “See More” on each post or on this website by clicking “000” on the amounts next to each code

You may also need to update the app as Double down has released a new version on Apple devices.  Lets hope they don’t break it again too soon.

March 15

Please be aware that there are a lot of spammers out and about at the moment.  Some are quite dangerous and are leaving extremely malicious malware on people’s PC’s.

Just because the The Code Share logo on a post does not mean that it is from me.  The following image is of the “Banned List” from the Facebook page,  and the list goes on for hundreds of entries.  As you can see they are all using the Code Share graphic

When you hover over the Code Share Name the banner appears
Real Code Share Online
Fake Code Share Online
The biggest difference is the number of likes and the page is a “Community” Notice this is an “app page” and has no “Likes”
So be Careful.