Bingo – DoubleDown Casino

Understanding Bingo On The DoubleDown Casino Platform

When playing Bingo on DoubleDown Casino, players have the liberty to have hands-on experiences as they desire. The classic and frenzy crowd is always available to appease your actions when playing the game. Players are faced with two kinds of games when choosing Bingo in the DoubleDown Casino lobby. There are the Auto-Daub and the manual options for any prospective player.

In the case of Auto-Daub, all the work will be done for the player. This means that you will have enough time to communicate and chat with other friends on the platform. In Auto-Daub, your cards will be moved automatically without you experiencing any difficulties. These cards can be maintained at the upper section of the Bingo gaming system found on the left side. This will always help you shot and win Bingo.

The traditional Bingo experience is usually the manual option. When the numbers are called, you will have to daub the cards. It is important to know that people will not personally play the game with the options provided above. They are simply the different types of Bingo games that you can find at DoubleDown Casino. Even if you are in the manual option, there is every possibility to play with Auto-Daub players.

Once you have selected a gaming option, the next step is to be positioned for an action. The type of game you select will help to determine the price per card. Using the Game Finder can help in the search for higher or lower games. Players can exit without spending a dime on cards by simply choosing Bingo Lobby. Select the number of cards to play when you plan to start a game.

Players can either select to play one or up to twelve games at a time. To confirm your purchase, you will have to click Continue. Once this done, ensure to wait for some time until the start of the round begins. The game will only commence when you have up to ten players. It can also not exceed a count of fifty players at a time. Get ready for the game to commence after purchasing your cards.

Ensure that the target pattern of the game is selected to know the actual time to shout Bingo. On the left side, you will see the pattern of the game displayed fully. Strike Bingo immediately at the upper section of the system, when you feel there is a winner card available. When the shout is made, the first-place winner will be announced by the Bingo caller. When it is called the second, there will also be a second- place announcement.

Bingo Basics

  • When a number on a card matches a number on a ball, click to daub the number of your card.
  • Watch for one of your cards to match the target pattern.
  • If you doubt a special Hot Spot, you get an instant prize.
  • When you match the target pattern, Click the bingo button.
  • If you have not enough chips to play just collect at Code Share Online

Fees and Prizes

DoubleDown Casino Bingo is American style 75 ball bingo.

Finding games – Use the play button to let us find a game for you, or explore the options in the game finder. In Manual Games, you must daub numbers yourself. In Aunt Daub games, we handle everything, leaving you free to chat.

Entry Fees – Your total entry fee is your card cost multiplied by the number of cards you wish to play. Every card is also a potential Progressive Jackpot winner! Entry fees are forfeited if you leave a game in progress.

Prizes – The more players, the bigger prizes. All prizes values are locked in when the games begin.

How it works – First prize goes to the first bingo. Second prize Goes to the next bingo on a new ball. Consolation Goes to the players closest to Blackout at the end of the round. All prizesĀ are split if there is a tie.

Game Sequence and Prizes

The first and second players to hit a bingo each get prizes. After the second bingo, the game switches to Blackout Mode. If any player completes a Blackout before the end of the round, they win a progressive jackpot. If no one hits the jackpot, the closest players get the consolation prize. Any tie results in a split pot for that prize.


Use the My Themes arrows and the cards & Daubers button to customize the look for your game. More themes are soon to come.


Ensure not to stop daubing because the game will only stop as time passes out. At this juncture, you will be playing for the Progressive Jackpot. When a gamer blacks out a card fully, then the Progressive Jackpot pays you. It is a difficult task to achieve when playing the game. For this reason, rewards are given to gamers that can move closer to achieving this great result in every interval of the game. In the bingo gameplay, there’s a lot of themes to change to feel your game. Like Puppy Bonanza, Fashionista, High Orbit, Art Deco, Vegas Showgirls.