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How To Handle Deleted Games On DoubleDown Casino

When it comes to deleted games on DoubleDown Casino, you have several methods to go about this issue. Some players can get a fast result by adding theses deleted games to their favorite list first before removing them. For instance, if these games are in the form of slots, you have the opportunity of adding up to thirty to the favorite list before removing them. Using the method can as well be fun to practice. Using a premium uninstaller Pro can also help to do the same job in an ephemeral of time.

Using Advanced Uninstaller To Remove DoubleDown Casino Deleted Games:
Sweet Labs remain the producer and publisher of the DoubleDown Casino game. If you want to remove the application or games, using this simple method can also help. If you want to follow a manual approach, then the process remains difficult. With the Advanced Uninstaller PRO, you may not experience difficult times.

Step 1:
This is one of the best uninstaller you can find in the industry today. Ensure that you system has this uninstaller active. This entails downloading and installing the software. One this is done, you can move to the next step.

Step 2:
Ensure that the uninstaller is running in your system and ready to operate.

Step 3:
The General Tools button should be clicked.

Step 4:
The Uninstall Programs button should clicked as well.

Step 5:
Just check the list of program on your system and pick the one in question.

Step 6:
Once you are able to detect the DoubleDown Casino program, then click on it. Follow the instruction given to achieve better result.

Step 7:
Go ahead to uninstall the program from your system.

Other Methods:
The method above involves getting rid of the DoubleDown Casino program to remove deleted games. However, you can also apply other ideas to get the same

For instance, if your deleted games are in form of slots, then you can apply this simple method to get rid of them. Click on the grey Heart icon after clicking to launch a slot. This can be found near the Play Now button and add the selected game to your favorite list.
The heart will later change to pink after this process is achieved. Click on the pink Heart, if you want to remove a slot game from your list. It will simply go back the grey form.

The slot’s icon should be tapped and help if you want to add a game to your favorite list. It can either be in the What’s Hot tabs or All Slots. Just tap and hold the slot and the selected game will be removed.

Depending on the type of deleted games you want to remove, it is important to select the easiest method. If you want to get rid of the main program so as to remove games, then follow the steps above. Targeting a given game is also possible when planning to get rid of one. The information in this content should be able to guide you to achieve a great result.

Below is the list of active Double Down Casino Games.

But first, we gathered a list of all games that is partially removed from the game. Not totally removed cause it may return someday.

  • Classic Slots II
  • European Vacation
  • Fairy Garden
  • Miner 99’r
  • Flamin’ Cherries
  • Lounge Loot
  • Fortune Carnival
  • Horoscope
  • Lords and Ladies
  • Mayan Gold
  • Pharaoh’s Tomb
  • Tasty Treats
  • Classic Slots

And these are the list of active games that are available right now on double down casino.